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Care for your Cat




Care for your Cat


Cats are best fed a complete balanced meat based diet, they cannot be vegetarians. Best to feed at least twice a day from a bowl placed in a quiet location away from the back and front doors and windows. Also away from water and the litter tray. If you are going to be out, try hiding some pieces of dry food for cat to ‘hunt’ down during the day, its good exercise and can combat boredom. You may need to teach them how to find the food to start with and gradually make it harder. Be careful not to over feed, especially an indoor cat who will likely exercise less



Cats don’t tend to drink very much but do like the taste of different types of water so try bottled, rain water and tap water. Taste can be affected by plastics so try to stick to glass or pottery type containers and fill them to the top. Running water machines can be really useful as a distraction for indoor cats.


It’s important to play with your cat. Feathers on sticks and toilet rolls stuck together, can be great fun and good exercise. Swap toys around but don’t leave them unattended to be eaten!

Places to Hide

All cats like to hide and to be high up. Use simple cardboard boxes for cats to hide in and put one high up too, especially if you have more than one cat, as they like to be able to hide from each other for a little time out.


Cats can sleep for up to 16 hours a day. High up and hiding places are best, somewhere cosy and out of view. Remember to leave your cat alone when they are asleep.


The litter tray should be placed in a quiet location. Crazy at it may sound, the bathroom is often a great place. An enclosed litter tray may be preferred by some cats, or if there’s nowhere ‘private’ to put your tray


Lillies and anti freeze are both really poisonous to cats so take care to keep your cats away from both of these.

For more information see www.cats.org.uk/cat-care/help-and-advice and watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=niGrXj8SjSU for a lovely look at behaviour and the five welfare needs of cats aww brilliant

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