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Cat Vaccinations

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Vaccinate My Cat

We recommend that all kittens and cats are protected against infectious enteritis, cat flu and, if they go outdoors, against Feline leukemia virus which is transmitted by direct contact, usually fighting.

We have chosen to use Nobivac vacines at The Liverpool Vets. We can vaccinate kittens at 8/9 weeks then again at 12 weeks. The vaccination can be given with or without the Feline Leukemia part.

Further details about Nobivac can be found on the MSD website 


Health check, & Early days consultation



Health check, & Lifestyle Consultation


If you are a member of our Peace Of Mind healthcare plan, the cost of these health checks and all injections needed are included in your monthly payments, Find out more below;

Our 'Peace of Mind'


Our Peace Of Mind Plan compliments pet insurance but does not replace it. We can help you spread the cost of keeping your pet protected with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and many of the routine healthcare outgoings that insurance doesn’t cover.

When you have both together, you can get on with the best bits of owning a pet and leave the rest to us.

Healthy pets need ongoing care and attention, and with our peace of mind plan, we can help you cover for all their needs at an affordable monthly price, whilst making great savings. Because we want to keep your pets happy and healthy, we have developed Peace of Mind to ensure that your pet is protected against preventable diseases with the right vaccinations, flea, tick and worming protection and unlimited vet nurse appointments.

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