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Dog Vaccinations

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Vaccinate My Dog

Vaccinations offer protection for your puppy and dog against a series of diseases which can be fatal. In a big city like Liverpool, unfortunately, we still do see cases of Parvo, which is spread by contaminated faeces, and Kennel Cough which is spread in the air, every year. There has been much talk of Lepto, which is passed via infected urine from dogs or rats,  and new strains emerging close to our area, which we are monitoring. Lepto can be passed to people so its vital to protect your dog. 

After talking to vaccine providers, we have chosen to use Nobivac to protect your dog in our clinic as we feel it provides the most comprehensive cover for Liverpool dogs with the lowest risks. The type and number of diseases we vaccinate against will vary year to year so we don’t over vaccinate but keep your dog protected. Further details about Nobivac can be found on the MSD website 

The initial course is two injections 2-4 weeks apart, and this interval depends entirely upon the exact needs of your dog which we will discuss with you. Occasionally we might suggest a 3rd vaccination to top up protection against Parvo at 16 weeks. For Kennel Cough there is no needle just a couple of drops of liquid given into the nostril as a single annual dose.

The time it takes for the immunity to set in can be upto 3 weeks after the 2nd injection, but we will advise you about risks and walks at the consultation.

Each time we see your dog for a vaccination, we will perform a thorough health check and ask you lots of questions so we can pick up any concerns be they health, behaviour or food related. Always feel free to bring any questions you have for us on a list so we make sure we have covered everything.

The initial course of 2 vaccinations 2-4 Weeks apart is:


Annual vaccination & health check: £60.00

Adding Kennel Cough vaccine: £25.00 or £20 if given with the annual vaccination

If you are a member of our Peace Of Mind healthcare plan, the cost of these health checks and all injections needed are included in your monthly payments, Find out more below;

Our 'Peace of Mind'


Our Peace Of Mind Plan compliments pet insurance but does not replace it. We can help you spread the cost of keeping your pet protected with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and many of the routine healthcare outgoings that insurance doesn’t cover.

When you have both together, you can get on with the best bits of owning a pet and leave the rest to us.

Healthy pets need ongoing care and attention, and with our peace of mind plan, we can help you cover for all their needs at an affordable monthly price, whilst making great savings. Because we want to keep your pets happy and healthy, we have developed Peace of Mind to ensure that your pet is protected against preventable diseases with the right vaccinations, flea, tick and worming protection and unlimited vet nurse appointments.

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