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Feeding Your Rabbit

We’ve got you covered! We’ve got lots of helpful advice, hints, tips, tricks and some great links to some fantastic resources.



Feed My Rabbit

On the inside, your rabbit is pretty similar to a horse. Horses wander around all day eating grass and rabbits are designed to do that too.

We recommend feeding 85% grass or hay so that your rabbits teeth are continually worn down, lots of ability to exercise, and that no more than one tablespoon of pellets per Kg body weight is given each day (we do not recommend the maize based diet as rabbits will select out the sugary bits).


10% of the diet should be leafy greens and herbs, broccoli, spring greens, coriander and parsley. The leaves from an apple tree or blackberry bush, and fresh dandelion leaves from the garden.

Run the veg under water before feeding to add moisture and scent. The large pots of growing herbs from the supermarkets are a winner.

At The Liverpool Vets we are really proud to offer locally and hydroponically grown leafy greens and herbs from Urban Farm in the Baltic.

Treats: a slice of apple or pear once a week ( its sugary) Branches from Willow, Hazel, Apple or Blackthorn are a healthy treat.

Water is absolutely vital to keep all that hay moving through your rabbit, and we prefer low sided bowls over bottles as they provide a more natural way to drink. Try different types of water bottled, tap, collect rain water too. Remember to keep the dish topped right up and clean.


Useful Links

For a list of recommended veg see: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-diet/recommended-vegetables-herbs

For more information on a rabbit’s ideal diet see https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-diet

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