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Flea, Tick & Worming

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Flea, Tick & Worming

Its confusing right? So many products and so much conflicting advice. If only there was one product that covered everything, I promise we would be advising it. What we will do, is help you pick the combination of protection that’s right for your dog and your family.



There are both cat and dog fleas, though the cat flea will live on both cats, dogs and rabbits. Look for evidence of dark or white dandruff like specks close to the skin especially close to the tail, deep under the fur, this is the flea dirt.

You may occasionally see an actual flea which is small brown and runs or jumps quickly once discovered. Fleas will lay eggs in your house, and can pass tapeworms to your dog. Oh, and they’ll bite you too, but they won’t stay for long on a human.

In a busy city like Liverpool, resistance has developed to some of the older and weaker products on the market, so we advise you to use specific products we trust will work well and safely. These are medicines which require you to be registered with a Vet  before we can supply them, so we offer a free check to pick what’s best. If you’re dog has had fleas, you will need to spray in the house too, and once again, Id recommend a vet licensed product to make sure the job gets done.

If your cat has had fleas you will also need to spray in the house where they actually spend 80% of their time. We also recommend that you treat your cat for worms if they have had fleas as this is the most common way tapeworms are transmitted



There are 2 main types of worms we see in cats in Liverpool


Long spaghetti like worms which a dog can vomit up or pass in faeces. Their larvae can cause illness in humans so always be sure to pick up all dog faeces.

Roundworms can be passed to a kitten through its mother’s milk. Adult cats can pick up microscopic eggs whilst out and about or even from shoes if your cat lives indoors.


These look like small pieces of rice in faeces and can be passed by fleas.

Tapeworms are picked up by ingesting infected fleas or by hunting and eating birds or mice




Ticks are small creatures, a bit like spiders that are usually found in grassy areas such as when out on walks in the Lake District. They attach to the skin and increase in size over a few days but usually make the area painful to the touch. They can also spread a condition like arthritis, Lyme Disease.

The products we sell will prevent a tick from growing on your cat. It may still attach but should fall off, or we can remove it for you at the clinic

In order to sell you the right treatment for your cat, its helpful for us to know about you and your cat’s lifestyle. We also have to register you cat to be able to sell you products under our care. So we offer a free of charge check to help you pick what’s right you.

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