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Thinking about getting a Rabbit?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve got lots of helpful advice, hints, tips, tricks and some great links to some fantastic resources.


I’m think of getting a


Rabbits are beautiful, curious animals that can make wonderful pets. They do however, need certain things for a happy healthy life:


  • Company – you should have at least two rabbits, they are very sociable and will be lonely otherwise, even with all the love you can give
  • A large enough safe space to allow them to jump, run, play and hide ( minimum 1m high and 2x3m wide)
  • Vaccinations, health checks and neutering
  • Daily care and attention
  • A good diet composed of 85% hay or grass

Useful Links

We would always recommend rehoming a rabbit where possible and in Liverpool we suggest The Rescue Me charity www.rescueme.org.uk

For more information about getting a rabbit see https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabit-care-advice/think-you-want-a-rabbit/

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