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Is my Hamster Poorly

If your hamster has any of the following symptoms, please book an appointment or a telephone consultation;
  • If your hamster has very full cheeks all the time and is eating less than normal
  • If your hamster is limping
  • If you can see your hamster’s front teeth sticking out, or if they are struggling to eat
  • If your hamster is quieter than normal or wont come out of their bed as usual
  • If your hamster has a wet bottom


Tips and Advice

  • Use a quality complete hamster food like Supreme
  • Keep front teeth short with dog biscuits
  • Offer tiny amounts of fresh fruit and veg such as apple or cauliflower
  • Remove all uneaten food every day ( hamsters hide food in their bed )
  • Seeds nuts grains are great feed items too but don’t suddenly change their diet
  • Always offer fresh water in a valve-less sipper bottle or bowl ( bedding and food will get in the bowl)
  • Grapes and Rhubarb can be poisonous
  • Always keep the cage clean, at the very least once a week, but because hamsters communicate by smells replace a small amount of the nesting bedding that’s dry.
  • Provide tunnels such as toilet roll tubes
  • Buy the largest cage you can manage, provide a box or boxes for nesting
  • If you buy a wheel, get the largest widest one you can so they can run without bending their back
  • Bedding should be shredded paper or dry peat for nesting
  • Remember they are nocturnal so will sleep all day and shouldn’t be disturbed
  • Hamsters can catch a human’s cold!
  • Hamsters love to dig so provide a thick layer of bedding such as dust free wood shavings
  • Golden hamsters can be kept in groups of girls if they are kept togethetr, Syrians should be kept alone
  • Check every day for cuts, and that food and water have been eaten/drunk
  • Remember hamsters sleep all day and are up at night
  • Hamsters can catch a humans cold!
  • Hamsters live for about 2 years

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