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Mites, Fleas, Lice & Flies

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Protecting My Rabbit from Mites, Fleas, Lice & Flies

Whilst we don’t recommend any routine preventative measures as we do with dogs and cats, we still recommend checking your rabbit regularly for any sign of parasites.

Mites can cause a white dandruff in the coat, fleas may occasionally be seen or their black dirt seen close to the skin, ear mites cause crusts in the ears, and lice usually cause itchiness but they are very small so you may notice them at all though your rabbit may be grooming more than usual. Mites and lice can be transmitted through hay and straw or from other infected rabbits

In the summer, flies can lay their eggs on wet or dirty fur, which develop into maggots. This is potentially life threatening and we recommend applying a preventative treatment to all rabbits kept outdoors alongside daily checking the coat and keeping the hutch clean and dry.

If you are worried that your rabbit has any of the above, please make an appointment, we can check through your rabbit’s coat, look at samples under our microscope if we are suspicious, and provide all the right treatment if its needed.

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