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Neutering Your Cat

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Neuter My Cat?

Female Cats

Come into season every 3 weeks March through til September, during which time, they will generally be unsettled and meow a lot more than usual.

They can have upto 3 litters each year, so unless you specifically want to breed your cat, we recommend spaying her. Spaying is the removal of both ovaries and the uterus under a general anaesthetic.

Male Cats

Nature intended male cats to roam, they spray urine to mark their territory and can get into fights with other cats during which they are at risk injuries, abscesses and even contracting potentially fatal diseases such as FIV or FeLV.

We recommend that you have your male cat castrated, that means we remove both of his testicles under a general anaesthetic.

The surgery for both male and female cats is undertaken by our very experienced surgeons as a day case, using carefully calculated doses of anaesthetic, the best available materials, pain relief and post operative care with our dedicated nursing staff.

At The Liverpool Vets, the cost of neutering includes a full health check and chat with the vet, two post operative check ups, anti inflammatory liquid medicine to use at home and a protective collar to prevent licking the wound. Almost always there will be no visible stitches as we use very fine absorbable material to help create a neat wound that heals quickly without scarring.

If you are thinking about getting your pet neutered, we’d love to chat to you about that decision so please make a FREE NEUTER CONSULTATION with us.




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