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Neutering Your Rabbit

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Neuter My Rabbit?

Female Rabbits

Female Rabbits are able to have babies (kits) from as young as 16 weeks of age. We recommend spaying (removing the ovaries and uterus) to remove the risk of developing cancer in these organs, infection of the womb, and as with males, reduce urine marking and aggression.


Male Rabbits

Male Rabbits can be castrated from 12 weeks of age. Neutered males will be less aggressive, are easier to bond with another rabbit, will mark their territory with urine less, and cannot develop cancer of the testicles. Remember that even after the operation, male rabbits can still make babies for upto 6 weeks!

At The Liverpool Vets, we have many years of experience in performing these operations and so we know that surgery on rabbits, particularly female rabbits, comes with more potential complications and risks than similar surgery in our dogs and cats. That’s why we will want to talk you carefully through what to expect on the day and in the week following surgery as the nursing care they receive at home is very important. We will use only the safest anaesthetics, monitoring systems, medications including pain relief and materials plus we will take extra care to keep your rabbit warm, hydrated and closely monitored throughout the day.

We feel that the risks outweigh the benefits of neutering your rabbits, we have the skill, equipment, facilities and knowledge to perform the surgery well and to take great care of your pet.

If you are thinking about getting your pet neutered, we’d love to chat to you about that decision so please make a FREE NEUTER CONSULTATION with us.






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