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Rabbit Vaccinations

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Vaccinate My Rabbit

We recommend that you protect your rabbit with vaccinations to protect them from

MYXOMATOSIS: is a virus that causes swellings around the eyes and bottom and is almost always fatal. Its spread by fleas, possibly midges and by contact with infected (usually wild) rabbits. Rabbits should be vaccinated once a year against this, we can start from as young as 5 weeks and we would advise even house rabbits to have this injection. Even with the injection, your rabbit can contract a mild form of the disease, but in almost all cases they will survive.

If your rabbit lives outside, you can further protect them by fitting insect screens to outdoor hutches, making sure family cats and dogs are treated for fleas, reducing access from wild rabbits to your garden and minimising any standing water that attracts insects.

RABBIT VIRAL HAEMORRHAGIC DISEASE (RVHD): causes severe internal bleeding and death in most cases. There are now known to be 2 strains of the virus (RVHD1 and 2) with 2 being slightly less aggressive. Rabbits catch this virus from infected rabbits or by contact with their urine or facecs which means that even house rabbits are at risk as you may unknowingly bring infection back on your shoes or hands.

We recommend that you vaccinate your rabbit against both strains. RVHD 1 is combined with your annual Myxo vaccine and RVHD 2 is given separately, at least 2 weeks after, and from 5 weeks of age. In high risk areas it can be given every 6 months. Keeping all hutches, bowl and water bottles clean can help reduce the risk of infection.

Before we vaccinate your rabbit, you will of course get a full health check and we will take a thorough history and ask you lots of questions about your pet’s home, diet and exercise, so we can give you our best possible advice. We look forward to meeting you

For further information on rabbit vaccinations: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-health/vaccinations







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