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Bringing your Cat to the Vet

By nature, cats are independent, territorial, like to be in control of their surroundings and are sensitive to different smalls, all of which make visits to the vet very stressful. If your cat is particularly stressed at the Vets, please let us know when you make your appointment and we will try to book you in at a quieter time

Cat Carrier Tips:

  • Carrier, try to choose a carrier that opens at the top
  • Place the carrier on a folded blanket in the car incase of accidents
  • Cover the carrier with a cloth
  • Don’t feed your cat just before travelling
  • Wipe a soft cloth around your cat’s face then place it in the carrier
  • Place a favourite blanket or item of their favourite person’s clothing in the basket
  • Keep the basket around the house so it is not seen as a strange object
  • Take some spare bedding incase of soiling whilst travelling
  • In the waiting room, place the carrier on one of our high shelves designed specifically for this purpose. Being high up feels safer

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