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To Say Goodbye

Putting an animal to sleep is not an easy topic to talk about or even to think about. As pet owners ourselves, we know it’s the hardest decision of all to make. When there is no more that medicine can do, we have the choice to put an end to suffering.
Providing the right care at the end of a pet’s life is the last, and possibly the greatest thing we can do. We will give you as much advice and support as possible, enough time, respect and privacy as we possibly can.

We recommend that you stay with your pet and we offer a gentle sedation so they will fall asleep with you close to them and feel no pain at all. We will talk you through what to expect, we will look after you both.

If you feel it’s time to say goodbye, please call to book an appointment and let us know so we can ensure we are ready, we know why you are coming in and to make the arrangements you would choose for burial or cremation. We advise discussing and arranging payment beforehand wherever possible, so when you are ready, you can leave quickly.

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